Hey guys, looking to upgrade to a good tube amp(currently have a MG15....). I was planning to buy a Peavey 6505-112 combo because i mainly play metal and want a combo amp but then i heard the cleans aren't too good. I play alot of metallica and megadeth but i don't really need to sounds EXACTLY like those bands, i just want a mean metal amp. What is a good metal amp that has good cleans in it also? Price range of about 1000$US, will be buying from the US. Thanks heaps!
i have a 6262. Its kinda nice. Good metal, also nice cleans if that matters.
Bout $600... (not inc. cab)
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Peavey JSX, XXX

This. I got my XXX used for $400...and you can easily find a decent cab for $600.
I just want a combo, so im guessing i don't need a cab? Is the JSX and XXX available brand new? Good cleans are very important to me, keep the opinions coming please.
Dude i think your forgetting some things:

1) Be prepared to spend about 100 bucks on a step down transformer since american amps are designed to run on 120v, not on 240v like back here in Australia.

2) If you get a combo, keep in mind that shipping will also cost a couple hundred dollars. Combo's are heavy.

3) look at the Mesa Boogie DC-2/3/5 or F-30/50
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