I've been playing witouth anchoring for a week and I seriously struggle to play anything now. The songs I used to be able to play reasonable well and now just riddled with mistakes and it's really frustrating.

Has anyone else successfully stopped anchoring that has any advice?

You're not going to adjust after just a week, it'll likely take months..you just need to be patient and disciplined.
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Keep at it, you'll get it soon...and it will be worth it. It took me about a month or two to break the habit, sometimes I would find myself doing it again if I wasn't paying attn. Palm muting a bit without anchoring your finger(s) helped the transition for me.

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Why are you trying to stop anchoring completely?

Most would tell you there is no reason to anchor for any riff as it hinders your movement possibly causes injury.
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I recently stopped, but I use hybrid picking alot, so I adjusted pretty quick.

Edit: ^ I think he meant why is he trying to go cold turkey.
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