hey guys,
i was wondering if you could help, i'm looking to do some rock but we have a female singer as they're no male singers in my school (who are decent) can you suggest some good songs to do?? e.g. aerosmith, guns n roses, that kind of thing
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Ask her what songs she likes to sing on her own. I played with a female singer for a (very) short while and it was fun because we got to do stuff we wouldn't otherwise have been able to do and wouldn't have thought of doing, ie. Sweet Child O' Mine and "Faith" by George Michael(if you're looking for a deadly guitar solo to learn, look no further=D)

Some ideas that we toyed with included Queen, Elton John and Radiohead, but I'm not sure if they'd fit your "rock" umbrella. Just some tips and suggestions!
I'm in a similar situation. We're looking for a singer who sounds like Robert Plant/Ian Gillan/Steven Tyler...maybe even do some Axl Rose vocals but we can't only not find one in the school, but not even in the city (We're 14 - 15, so difficult to find a vocalist our age)

We could maybe ask a girl to be our singer but it seems (forgive my sexism) to go slightly against the tradition of having a male rock singer, as most of the best bands seem to have.

As for songs to do? I think Baba O' Riley by The Who could sound good in a female voice...Also, have you heard of Heart? They're a rock band that have a female singer, and they're good, look em' up.

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