Hi I have just posted 6 new songs on my profileand would be very grateful for any opinions and constructive critisism. I know 6 songs is a lot so just choose one. The songs are mixed genres Metal + Drum and Bass, Funk, Alternative Rock and a personal song. They are the first 6 songs on my profile. I will be happy to return the favour and crit anyone's songs.


Thanks. CyberSlunk
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really liked alternate reality, would love to put some vocals over it, what did you use to record drums?
I used samples of real drum hits then played the drums on my drum pad. Glad you liked the song thanks for listening.
wow I really dig your stuff droid malfunction I think is my fav!
are the drums in the fall of an empire the drums from Kick the P.A by koRn? thats awesome i really like this song too

said so much was good to nice and mellow i like the synths in it to sounds good
good job!