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I have a Squier bp15 bass amp, on the back of the amp it says 45w, whereas on the output on the front it says 8ohms 15w, which one is it. I'm leaning towards the 15 seeing as how its in the name
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yeah its 15
hmm unless its tube and can switch between the 45 and 15 something which i know nothing about...hwz its playing for a squier?

thatd be friggin crazy

plays great for a squier, but thats like being the smartest kid with down syndrome
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google it.
This. Google does wonders.
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the speaker is rated to handle up to 45 watts, but the head only puts out 15w
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I'm pretty sure you're looking at the specs for the power supply. Amps actually use a lot more power than they put into the speakers. While it may only be 15W RMS into the speaker, it really takes 45 to power the amp.
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