so i took my guitar into school today, and put it next to the wall (actually asked my friend to do it cuz i was busy with a girl), and it you know... hit the ground after all... it was in its case or whatever but its a leather shit so its like no protection. when i tested it if something happened i noticed that the 4th and 3rd strings have a crack (they thickened) at the 1st bund. i only have 5th and 4th strings here at home and i dont want to buy a full set now as i'm going to get a new guitar for christmas but i want to play until then after all. so my question is:
would it sound horrible if i put that new 5th string on the new 4th and the 4th to the 3rd?
hm just do it i like it... btw on the price, every "forint" (thats what we have here in hungary) counts now before christmas you know.
To play or not to play? This is the question. You can buy single strings, but if the windings broke loose on two, they all need to be replaced.
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