so im gigging with my band after long last, ive been looking to spend about £1000 on a new amp thats got really crunchy gain and warm cleans, ive been thinking about the orange rocker 30 for this, anyone got any opinions on this amp? or care to give me any other suggestions

Budget : £1000
Used?: Preferably not
Style: Guns n Roses/Led Zeppelin, but also caple of early metallica stuff
Location: Northeast uk

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Very nice amp. I'd look at some 800 combos, Cornford Roadhouse models, and maybe a second hand hiwatt studio stage. Hughes and Kettner make a few nice combos in that price range. You've got a fair few options really. If you got lucky, you could swing a used Suhr badger 18 watter. There are also some great models by Ceriatone (I can vouch for just how good they are), and maybe a Marshall 1974x combo would be good.







All new,and they have a shop In Newcastle. Hope that helps.
There are obviously tons of second hand options too.

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Get the Rocker and a ProCo RAT for early Metallica.
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Rocker =

Honestly, I play pretty much the same as you and I got a lovely led zepp-ish tone from it pretty quick.

Plus the cleans are awesome.
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When I tried the Rocker 30, I found it perfect for those styles.
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Rocker 30's are good amps for that stuff. Also, you've got the money to look at matamp, so do so...They make some wonderful amps