This isn't one of those why should or shouldn't I buy one of these guitar threads.
Basically I'm after a 355.
I'm fairly sure Gibson reissued it a few years ago although could be wrong, I'm after one of those rather than an orignal.
I'm in the UK. I've searched ebay, and all the good guitar shops I know. Anybody got any good ideas on who to try to get hold of one of these?

i'd check small local gibson dealers. thats were i got mine. i saw one at guitar center and it was behind glass i guess so you couldn't play it. but they shouldnt be too hard to find i think their in full production now
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The ES355 was the most expensive of the traditional Gibson ES semi-solid guitars (many more bells and whistles: ebony fretboard, Les Paul Custom-style binding on the body, neck and headstock; and many of them came with a six-position stereo varitone switch) so a lot of guitar shops didn't like to stock it - they figured that it would just sit in the shop and gather dust. If the guitar is back in production, any authorized dealer should be able to order you one (can't speak to how long the wait would be, though). They are great guitars, and I've always been sorry I didn't buy one years ago when they were considerably less expensive than they are today.