I know the question is very subjective (and, in a way pointless, because everyone moves at different speeds and everyone likes different music), but I wanna know what you think is a solid skills base after one year of guitar playing.

By skills base I mean techniques, chords, songs, ect.
Being more comfortable playing, precision, accuracy, not having to look at the instrument all the time.
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Being more comfortable playing, precision, accuracy, not having to look at the instrument all the time.

I having just over a year under my belt could not agree more. Open chord changes and solid(not necessarily fast) alternate picking are very important skills too.
I think timing is very, very important too, as without it you can't play with other people.

Aside, I think a 'skills base' comes second to having the passion and interest to keep playing. One can be developed over time, the other not so much.
Well... in about 4 weeks from now, Il be playing for about one year....
Im completely self-taught tho so, I dont know if this will help but anyway. With the limited time that I do have to practice, Im able to play all chords without looking and the tabs are way easier after playing songs like stairway to heaven and time of your life. Just started using hammerin on and pull offs recently.
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All chords? You completely sure about that? I doubt I'll ever be able to play all chords without looking lol.

TS, it really doesn't matter. If you are happy that you are progressing at a reasonable rate, and you are enjoying playing, then you are doing just fine

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Don't forget pinch harmonics...maybe some basic sweeps. It really depends how hard you've been practicing. I've been playing for 10 months now. I can do basic sweeps, scales, alternate picking and pinch harmonics, but I don't know chords from crap. I can play chords, but I don't know which chord I'm playing. That's why I should perhaps consider taking up music theory. If you're someone who likes metal, like me, you'll probably have learnt how to shred earlier than someone who's more into blues. In the same way, I'm horrible with blues in terms of the different timing, chord structures and patterns.
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