well that's pretty much it these are songs for my band , we wanna record them soon.
oh and please, dont comment bout my user name or message, this is my like 3 years old count of when I was 15 , just listen to the songs xD
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really nice deathcore. kinda abused the whole triplet thing lol and tritones but it sounded good, outro/solo was epic as ****.
some of it reminded me a lot of architects. nice keyboard parts. could the intro not be 9/4 btw? the 4/5 to 5/4 thing hurt my eyes
second song is good but not as good as first
Both songs were ******* badass and were pretty unique. I liked how you approached deathcore and it sounded awsome. The breakdown at the end of the second song was the best part. both get a 4/5. Ur username is ass
DAY EIGHT: Loving the 9/4 style you have. Drums are sick. Loving the riff at 7 or 8. The chord you used is definitely my favorite chord to use for dissonance. Sounds dirty and heavy. 24 was pretty awesome, but I honestly didn't like 28 at all. Just sounded TOO dissonant. I loved 40 on. In generally it was heavy, and the drums are just badass from there on. Well, actually drums in the whole song are amazing. Loved the riff that started at 60 or so, my favorite riff in the whole song so far. I'd recommend bringing the piano at 77 out. Give the song a more eerie feel at that part. 93 on is just epic, nothing else I can really add here. ****ing AMAZING solo.

THE MASOCHIST: Nothing so far is grabbing my interest. Tempo change and riffs and harmonizing at 11 did, so scratch that last part. I'd make the intro a bit more interesting, it never really grabbed me. The riff at 20 is pretty sick, nothing too special though. I like it, though. First solo wasn't that great. Keyboard solo sounds a lot more interesting though. The breakdown part is amazing though. 61 is simple and the drums are perfect for this part, I must say. Loved the riff at 70. The little break was a bit weird, too much silence. Loved hoe the drums changed to give them a double-time feel at the part after the break. The next little breakdown (or something, whatever you want to call it) was pretty interesting. The ending was... sporadic to say the least. But in general this song was pretty good

Day Eight seemed a lot more interesting to me, Day Eight would probably get about a 9/10 and The Masochist would get 6-7/10 or so.