What do you think about french canadians separatist ? Being a quebecer, I personally think those ******s just want to give themself a attitude anyway go ahead :P
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What do you think about french canadians separatist ? Being a quebecer, I personally think those ******s just want to give themself a attitude anyway go ahead :P

Thats like 0% chance i´ll ever meet one, so i don´t care.
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I am a Vermonter, and I fully support Vermont and Quebec seceding from their respective countries and forming their own nation.
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Why would we form our own nation I really don't see what redical changes it would make...
i think they are little pathetic whiners who call out "separatism" to get what they want, but if it actually came down to separating there is no way they would go through

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I hate them. They have stated that if they ever separated they would continue using our currency and economy. It angers me how a culture can be so defensive that they would threaten to "separate" from our country. I'm from Alberta and I say we let em leave, cut all ties and not let them out. Good luck supporting an economy without our oil.
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god damn quebec is bringing us down!
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The Separatists are the idiots yelling fire in a crowded theater, there's not a lot of them but they cause enough damage when they start yelling

the reality is that Quebec's idea of Sovereignty is downright laughable. they want their own federal government, the ability to over arching laws and control their own populace without being subject to other laws of Canada, while largely keeping other Canadian traditions and economic ties, including our currency, trading partners, and continuing to receive subsidies for trade and military without paying into it

it'd be like you moving into an a different apartment in the complex your parents own, but not pay for your own food or rent, its asinine and childish

and most Quebecois are smart and rational human beings and proud Canadians, some of them are already aware of how far Canada goes to help protect their 'distinct culture' and realize how foolish these people sound and thus why it will never happen imho
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Separatists = Cool

Quebec Separatists = WTF, you mean you don't feel isolated enough being french?

But really though, I think its pretty ridiculous.
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They want to separate yet they will bitch once they realize their economy is ****ed without the rest of Canada. Whiny pricks.

I'm glad they lost the vote to separate by 51% to 49%.
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I've been to Quebec and like it a lot. Do you Canadians think there's a legitimate chance that their French culture could disappear in the future?