Ive been playing guitar for about 3 1/2 years now and ive only played les paul bodied guitars. im looking at some schecters and ibanez. < 600$. I want to be able to play a wide variety of styles and im not sure where to go for a bit of a change from the les paul. Let me know what you think!

You can use a Les Paul for almost anything, so dont bother about it

If you want a U shaped guitar, choose CORT/Jackson/ESP/LTD/Ibanez/Suhr/Agile guitars
IMO, i would go for ibanez, but thats IMO
just try out guitars it's the best way
I was really looking for a ibby at one point, tried them, they played really well, but the necks are just too thin and too square, really annoying imo
Just went to a guitar shop today and tried out some schecters (solo 6 coustom, c-1 blackjack atx fr, c-7 blackjack, c-1 plus and a tempest classic) and I absolutly love them
nice chunky necks, really good fret access ect . . . imo it totally destroyed the ibby (ibanez 2550e prestige)
just get out, try them, see what suits you, but look up guitars that you think you will like, go into the shop, if they have them, try them