Find some good people to play with. They don't have to be wizards on their instrument. Record a few songs for cheap, but with quality, get them up on the internet and make some hard copies to pass out to everyone you know and play for nothing. Drive around and play in front of anyone who'll listen whether that's on the street or in an old folk's home. Play and create because it's fun for you. Don't put pressure on yourself to write the best song ever just have the guitar or piano available frequently so that you can pick it up, not the piano of course, and see where it takes you. ---- Chad Stokes (State Radio, Dispatch)

There is usually at least one thread a week asking this very same question and this has been the answer that axemanchris, slackerbabbath, alanhb and Koslack have been giving week in and week out.

I thought it would be good for some people to hear it from a musician that has "made it". Maybe We can get some people to add on to it and cut down on those threads. Just an idea
Who is your source again? Wouldnt say he 'made it'.
Also, we allready have 'How to market your band' stickied. That's basicly this, but better
Quote by basilbrush
Who is your source again? Wouldnt say he 'made it'.
Also, we allready have 'How to market your band' stickied. That's basicly this, but better

My source is the front page of Ultimate Guitar, I think thats a good idea of making it. I highly doubt there is a person in this forum who wouldnt settle for his level of success.

I just thought it would be a good thing for people to hear the same thing from someone they may have heard of, instead of just some faceless person on the internet.
^^ Delirium Bassist and Aidy Damage were on the front page the other day, and they're hardly multimillionaires...

Really don't see much need in this thread. It's just a quote from a no namer stating the obvious.
My name is Danny. Call me that.
Why aren't I a multizillionaire yet? I wish I didn't have the mahussive debt that I've racked up 'chasing the dream' (first person to attach a 'Chasing Melfina' pun to that gets a slap). The only way to get any level of success is with huge investment of time, money and personal sacrifice.

Music is probably the hardest career to be successful in- that, and STI salesman and that guy who sells hideous garden gnomes by the motorway. I've by no means fully 'made it', but my band are getting somewhere pretty comfortable (I'm not being arrogant in saying that at all- it's almost killed us just getting things off the ground!) and I feel like the least I could do is give some advice in a thread that's probably already been written off!

First off, form a band with people who you really gel with musically and pen some tunes. Don't just rush things- really nitpick until you all reach an agreed point of perfection. If something doesn't work now, sort it out- you'll only waste time and money on it in the studio later that could be better invested in, well, getting things done. You may want to rush through things to get playing live A.S.A.P, but this will really deaden your output- Quality >>>>>>> Quantity. ALWAYS.

After that, it's time to sort your image out so you look at least coherent- but don't look the same (see Steel Panther, Caimbo)- that's just creepy! If there's an 'odd one out' (the Chris Wolstenholmes and Brian Chases amongst us!), that's even better for your image. Trust me- it works. I know this sounds superficial, but if people are going to remember your band they're going to have to be able to make a caricature of you in their head. Put it this way- you could even open South Park Studio and make every member of Metallica. Even fecking METALLICA have an image. If all else fails, fitted jeans and fitted t-shirts and a couple of accessories, and a self-assured smile and swagger will go a loooong way. Look at Biffy Clyro, for a great example, too.

So, you've got some signature tunes and people look at you and think 'they're in a band- I want to hang out with these guys'- now get in the studio. WAIT- not that cheap studio that offers you a 3 track demo in a day- it'll sound CRAP. SAVE up a bit to get in a pwoper studio for four days to perfect 3 songs with a producer and get them sounding as great as possible. If you're in the UK, you can't do any better than The Crash Factory in Nottingham. Mark will do you an awesome deal and the guy's a genius- tell him Aidy sent you and that you'd like 2 sugars in your tea. He's probably reading this, so Hi Mark!

You've now got a great little EP under your belts- good on you! This is your ticket to some seriously good gigs. Send emails to promoters with a short bio, an address to somewhere they can hear your choons (myface, spacebook, doesanyoneusepurevolumeanymore, reverbnation), some pretty pictures and general niceness. The quality of your work should speak for itself, but some places will demand that you bring 15-25 people in with you. Because of this, it helps if you organise most of your gigs where you've got lots of friends. The case with my band is that we started with a few of our friends coming, then they brought their friends along ad infinitum. Once you've got a little scene going, you can get a minibus team together to take to a London gig every month- if you're playing a London gig every month and you're bringing 25 people a pop, word WILL get around about you. Of course, promoting your arses off online helps, too- just don't annoy people with spam!

It also helps to get that bad mo'fo of an EP released, too. My band are releasing ours with GetOut Records, which is an online distribution label that will get you in iTunes, amazon mp3... that sort of shiz. Drop them an email- they work directly with the artist and their communication and service are second to none.

By this point, you're probably skint and living off pot noodles (speaking of which, mine's ready). 'Where do we get moar monehs?', I hear you ask. Well, merch helps a lot- and you can get it sorted with these guys at BargainBandMerch for not a lot of pennies, and it really helps if you sign up with The PRS. Sure, you may not get much now, but something is better than nothing. Also, if you can get some cool T-shirt designs together that people want to buy and wear, not only will this pay those crippling petrol/train/coach costs, but they turn people into walking adverts for YOUR band! Little giveaways like badges and stickers are ace, too.

Now, you should be playing some pretty good gigs and building yourself a little online following... it's time to target the radio! Get in touch with your local BBC Introducing bod and see what they can do for you. These radio slots can result in places at Reading, Glastonbury and other cool shebangs. It's also pretty gnarly to get a press quote from Bruce Dickenson, as some friends of my band Lecarla now have. Yep.

I really hope this helps some of you people out, and if you could check out my band Chasing Melfina by clicking this thing, that would be great. We're currenty awaiting the final mixes and masters of our debut EP, 'We Are The Fiends' that is out on exclusively digital release through GetOut Records in early 2010.

Thanks for reading this huge wall of text!

tl;dr- Go back and read it if you fancy a go at a music career. There's no shortcuts in this game, so don't expect one here!
thanks very much for taking the time to wright this, read the whole lot was very informative. saved to favorats
No probs- UG's very good to me and the least I can do is give my fellow UG'ers a leg-up in this game.
*axeman stamp of approval*

Funny thing is, even as a wall of text, it's still SO oversimplified....

That's not a criticism as much as it is a statement to reinforce the idea that there is SO much to it that you couldn't possibly explain in even a few pages, nevermind a single forum post.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.
*thread has been recued from the depths of shit thread-dom*
My name is Danny. Call me that.
It's amazing that when one uses a little grammar, proper punctuation, salient points, a good thought process and humorous anecdotes, one's articles begin to sound intelligent...well thought-out even.

I applaud you, sir. Thanks for actually contributing something of use. It is a welcome respite from the drivel so oft propagated on these forums.
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You know music is like 100% sound right?

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I'd just say.. "Sell Out" or "Go with the trend".. That's most likely the best way. I've actually been thinking about making just a single record, that is 100% trendmusic and shizzle, just to see if it could make a name for itself. Just as a fun one-record project - then go back to my passion, my undervalued underground noise.

I just need to find some people willing to make a few crap songs with me. Would be fun to see if you could make the masses love you while laughing your arse off at them

Quote by basilbrush
Who is your source again? Wouldnt say he 'made it'.
Also, we allready have 'How to market your band' stickied. That's basicly this, but better

Yeah your right, the lead singer and main songwriter of one of the most sucessful indie bands ever hasn't quite "made it". Maybe after he sells out Madison Square Garden 3 nights in a row then we can...oh wait...
Quote by axemanchris
*axeman stamp of approval*

Funny thing is, even as a wall of text, it's still SO oversimplified....

That's not a criticism as much as it is a statement to reinforce the idea that there is SO much to it that you couldn't possibly explain in even a few pages, nevermind a single forum post.


True, as Aidy Damage so rightly said it'd take a book to cover the lot, there are so many different ways to 'make it' as well as so many different levels of what people consider 'success'.

Just to add to Aidy Damage's brilliant post, here's a couple of blogs I wrote ages ago, called "So you want to be in a band? Parts 1 & 2", many of you might have seen them already but hopefully they'll be useful to others, but they're more about surviving as a band than actualy 'making it'.

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Northernight...I was thinking something really similar to that. I was wondering whether you could do it, and even if people knew you hated the music that you were playing, they would still like it?

It's just a thought, but...I dunno, maybe some people would say they didn't like it because you had no passion for the music?

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