Well i recently learnt Back in Black (AC/DC obviously..)
but the thing is, when i play along to the bon scott original (THIS DOES NOT MEAN BON SCOTT SANG IN THE SONG, IT IS JUST THE NAME OF THE SONG ), my guitar sounds completely out of tune even when its perfectly in tune, so i was wondering if anyone knows about the tuning or anything? its been driving me mad

Edit: i found the song:

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but back in black was never recorded with bon scott
"Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan

yeah.. realised i worded that quite badly, its a version ive got, called "bon scott original" no idea why, but its got a solo in the intro instead of going straight into the song

Edit: its not live either.
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That's definitely not Angus lol, and the song's in a different chord than the original.