Basically, I've ripped my Surfing with the Alien album onto iTunes, and Satch Boogie is coming as the first song even though it is the fifth. Now when I open the song info, it actually states it's track 5 out of 10, so I'm not sure what's happening.

Anyone here have any suggestions? Thanks guys.
Use a superior program to rip and tag it.

Anything is better than Itunes, I suggest CDex with the latest Lame encoder libraries from rarewares.
You can download a program like TuneUp that will use the GraceNote database to find the metadata for tracks.
have you checked the other tracks have the correct track numbers etc, i.e., the rest of the album? mine has been known to mess up due to the rest of the album not having track numbers

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does it matter?

can you listen to the song...yes.....then i don't see a problem. Mister OCD.