I wouldn't risk it.

A good bridge (Gotoh TOM) is about $10 more, not too much of a difference.
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If you're a UKer, Skeet_UK gives a pretty decent discount on Allparts, same with nuthinbuttrubl8 (aka Phil) does for us Canadians/Americans.
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If you're a UKer, Skeet_UK gives a pretty decent discount on Allparts,

Better on WD Music and ABM though
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I can supply WD Music, ABM and AllParts products to UK builders at DISCOUNTED prices!
I found some Guitar Fetish parts, and I've heard good things about those. Its kinda between that and the BitterRoot stuff right now. Unless someone can show me something else in the same price range that's decent quality.
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It could be decent, but little imperfections can cause you all kind of headaches later - burrs on the saddles, loose posts, etc. I'd do at least get the Gotoh if I were you.. a few bucks now for more peace of mind later. Whatever you get, just inspect it well for fit and finish before you go to the hassle on installing it.
Alright I'll give into the peer pressure. I found a decent priced Gotoh that I'm about to order.

My LAST question is about the tailpiece. Does quality matter as much on those as it does the bridge, or is it safe to go cheaper? (not too cheap of course)
Looks like its made out of plastic. Plus, I bet the finish will wear off in less than a year. You get what you pay for in the guitar world. If you want cheap parts go with Allparts or Guitarfetish parts, at least their decent quality stuff for the price and their trusted by alot of UG'er, that have used them, including myself.