So my task is to play this piano song on acoustic guitar but i cant find the chord progression...Im still learning the guitar so bare with me guys, can anyone tell me in which key is play or what is chord progression? thx

the song is called "para ti"

are you trying to do your own version of the song? or a direct transcribtion? IF you are doing an orginal cover theres nothing wrong with coming up with your own background music. If you are transcribing it for guitar then you really need the sheet music.
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i just need to play it acoustic version(only chords), and i cant figure out the chords, i dont have a good hearing when it comes to piano...
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The link doesn't seem to work.

This may help though: Try to pick out individual notes that the piano plays (whether their part of a chord or not) and try to place them into a scale/chord. This should help you figure out which chords to play on guitar. Or transcribe the melody and write your own chord progression based off of it.
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i believe is in the key of D, the first part goes like D, F#, G, D, A correct me if im wrong...im not sure about the rest
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I have a song I could use some help with as well. Same thing, piano song and I want to play it on acoustic guitar but im no good telling it by ear, (Online tabs for it don't exist)


Am i believe, goes Asus2, Em, F then Em? then try to figure out the rest not sure, im still having a hard time with mine
The first note on the left hand of each bar is the chord. Whether its minor or major depends on the key.