Yeah, me and a friend started a little band recently, and we need a bassist, a vocalist, and possibly, another guitarist (not guaranteed, though).

For bass/guitar, we don't need any virtuoso-like playing or anything, as we're not that greatest players. it'd be preferred if you have some basic theory knowledge. We're certain we need a bassist, but we already have 2 guitarists, but one of them isn't working out so well, so he might be replaced IF NEED BE.

For vocals, we can work with anything, whether its screaming, growling, or traditional singing. if you write your own lyrics, too, that'd be a bonus, but not a must. Again, you don't have to be overly awesome at it, you just gotta be decent enough to work with.

We play a strange little hybrid of metal. Its kinda a mix of Stoner/Doom and Thrash, and we're starting to add a bit psychedelic influences. Thats how i would describe it though haha.

We're all 15-17, and we're located on the Kansas side of KC (Wyandotte). We have a place to practice, and we practice almost daily (it can be adjusted though). If you're interested or have questions, post here or PM me, and I'll get back to ya ASAP. Peace

Oh yeah, the band name's Angels Anonymous
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