Ok im getting a new guitar for christmas hopefully.
This: http://www.rondomusic.com/spadmetgreen.html
to be exact.
It comes with a 5-way switch that coil taps the humbuckers in position 2 and 4, but im going to be buying an EMG 81x for the bridge and an 89 for the neck (coil tapped).

What i want to do is buy a 3 way switch instead of a 5 way and just use the push pull pot for the coil tap. This said, EMG only has wiring diagrams for wiring the 89 with another EMG with 1 vol 1 tone and a toggle style switch seen here:

Now the 3-way switches im looking at are these:

Of those, which would you all think to be the best? im thinking probably the schaller, but how would i wire them seeing as theyre different than a 3 way toggle?
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