Basically, at the moment I have the world's simplest set up. A nice little valve amp for my bedroom (doesn't get played outside of there so no need for anything bigger) and a overdrive pedal so I can switch between clean and dirty. In addition to that I have a crappy multi-effects which can be fun from time to time but I don't actually run when I'm recording or doing anything serious.

However, other guitarists have these massive pedal boards with thousands of pounds worth of gear! So I feel like I'm missing out, even on basic things. But I don't know what!

I like Zeppelin and QOTSA and a few alternative bands like Afghan Whigs.

I know Josh from QOTSA uses a LOT of effects but in a way what I like about them is the riffy stuff like LZ. So it just seems to me like an amp and an overdrive is enough.

Sorry that was so rambling. I'm sort of trying to ask a question with asking anything - just want you to understand where I'm coming from with my concern.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. If not, let this thread float to the bottom of the forum lol.

Thanks for your help!
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basic is best man. i like similar music, and my current setup is
Gibson les paul ---> dunlop crybaby ----> Vox Time Machine ---> Mad Professor sweet Honey ----> Vox AC30h2l. and thats IT. eventually i may get a reverb pedal, but it's just not needed for the kind of music i play. I'd keep it nice and simple, just as it is.
I feel everyone should have a Wah pedal, they are a lot of fun to play with.

Maybe I'm not the person to answer this, I love a simple set up too.
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^ I agree. maybe get a delay too for fattening leads or adding abience to your cleans.

I run my guitar through wah, overdrive, and delay. There is literally nothing more that I NEED but I bought a Whammy too because its so damn fun to mess around with
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No point buying pedals just for the sake of it but a delay or reverb might be fill out your sound a bit more and give you a few more sounds.
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maybe get a delay too for fattening leads or adding abience to your cleans.

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ok so iv started been shredding for a while now. and i was reading other threads and i was wondering, is shredding just playing random notes all over the fret board wherever i want. or am i supposed to shred in some kind of scale??