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Hey I need 50 people for a survey at school and i need to know the highest price you ever paid for a guitar. You do not need to include the model or brand name but if you want to show it off i don't care if you put it in or not. IF you post thanks for posting
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600 USD (my RGA121)

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
$900 USD (Peavey Wolfgang Standard)

my warmoth strat probably totaled more than that, but it's hard to say since i had to piece it together.
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780 Usd --> Esp Ltd Ec-401fm
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Gibson SG
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Bought, $400.

Bought parts to put on a build, $700.
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450 British Pounds.
BC rich NJ deluxe Jr V.
I knew it was a good deal..
the following two weeks it rose to 630 British Pounds in all stores
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U.S. dollars are better but i can work with the euro.
My equipment:
Jackson JS30RR FR (w/ SD AHB-1 in bridge)
Peavey Ultra 112
Digitech RP350
Dunlop KH95 Crybaby
Ibanez XPT700
ISP Decimator
450 USD

Ibanez RGA 32
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$2700 canadian, for my ESP, i got a very good deal on it
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119,000 JPY for a Caparison, which converts to about $1350.
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£899 Razorback ... back in the day.... now theyve got down to like £500
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£1800 - Suhr Pro Series S3 lefty

You might want to put in results analysis - one reason results are not entirely accurate/ representative of actual averages is because people with more expensive guitars are quicker to say so.
$1737.00 In 1998 For a New Gibson Les Paul Standard.
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Gibson LP studio (worn cherry vintage mahogany model).. £700, i put my deposit on just before the massive price increase caused by gibson's distribution fail. Worth every penny, without a doubt.
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£900 for my PRS CE22

with pickups, upgrades and setups it's probably closer to £1250 it's cost me though
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£470 Jackson RR3 - I got it for like £320 though
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Gibson SG

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$925 USD. Gibson SG

$700, Gibson SG brand new too.
~$300 for my made-in-China Fender acoustic.
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Oh, in addition to the SG, the best value was an Ibanez RG2610E I snagged for $515, and the Fender Bassman for $725
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