I'm going to be getting some new pedals soon and am going to need some (are they called patch cables?) cables. I have the ones from guitar center that are like 5 bucks haha. So which kind is best?
I use Monster's because they sound great and have a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.
I'm thinking the same thing, i needa upgrade from my crappy cables, but i dont wanna pay 100 dollars for a set. what are some good cables for a reasonable price?

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I use Hosa. around $12AUD/Cable. haven't let me down yet. The only other cables i've bought that haven't had the jacks corrode are Fender California cables, so they might be worth checking if they make patch cables.
Mogami are the best reasonably priced cable IMO, with Planet Waves a reasonably close second. They tend to have the least effect on your tone. Monsters sound too nasally to me, cheap cables lose too much high end (which might be good if you're going for classic tones from the 60s/70s), etc. Fulltone cables also sound great but they have their own effect on the tone, which I prefer not to have.
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Make your own cables.
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you have very nice gear for a guy that doesn't know what a patch cable is.

for those, patch cables, I'm with Rutch, George L's. I tried the planet waves kit first... good materials, but poor design... you're basically praying that the screws hold on a plastic shell. George L's are more heavy duty.

for instrument cables, I'm a believer in Monster Rock cables for live use. They have great rejection, a lifetime warranty (which I've never needed because not one has failed on me in almost a decade now), and don't break the bank. Mogami makes EXCELLENT cables, but everytime I've come across them they were considerably more expensive. well, maybe not that much more, about $20 more compared to the most similar Monster. In my loops I use Monster Pro, but really that's only because I got them crazy cheap (3 six-footers for $10! $50 later all of my loops were covered ). I don't recommend them because they are typically MUCH more expensive, but if you find 'em for a steal, they're very solid with incredible fidelity.

for speaker cables I use Monster Pro 1000's. I run a lot of speaker cable (well, a lot of cable period), and after breaking a few other makes/models, I finally just broke down and bought the good stuff. No complaints thus far for live use... maybe the best cable Monster makes.
Monster rock cables, deff.

-off topic... Can a music store employee refuse to honor the Monster life time warranty?
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There really is no "best" cable per say. Its just like any other piece of gear in someone's rig - it just comes down to personal preference.

I've been using Monster for a few years now and have never had any problems. However, I'm gonna try out some George L's when I get some money because there are a few guys around here that swear by them.
I find the top end shriek-y on george Ls... I used to use Van Damme, for the money there isn't anything better IMO. However I recently upgraded to a Klotz LaGrange cable and am absolutely sold, they're not THAT much more but make a big difference.

I've tried Cornish and Evidence in the "high end" bracket but tbh I prefer the Klotz. It's also refreshing that they don't try and sell you BS about how they carve their cables out of the bones of young virgins or how their cryo freezing procedure aligns the molecules so only the "sweet frequencies" get through... They're just plain well made.

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I'm making my own patch cables, I just couldn't bear paying $8+ for something that should be so cheap. High quality canare GS-6 cable with neutrik connects is going to cost me ~$2.5 per 6' patch cable. Check redco for parts and do it yourself (nys 207 right angle connectors are only $1, and GS-6 cable is only 80cents per foot).

Also making a high end 12ft cable with neutrik silent jacks and GS-6 for less than half of what I payed for a 10ft mogami gold cable, so mad at myself for overpaying for that cable.
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