i am rewiring my axe and putting in new active pickups
has anyone played with the new EMG 81x or 81tw?
all the reviews ive read say theyve placed the 81tw in the bridge position.
my thought was put it in the neck position...with an 81 (or 81x) in teh bridge..wouldnt that get an HSS configeration like fat strat?
I have used EMG's for a long time, they have a beautiful tone, I have not heard about new 81's though. I recommend the EMG 81/85's because they are perfect for everything.

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I would put the 81x in the bridge postion just becaue its supposed to be better sounding then the origianl 81, and the 81w in the bridge. But I would actuall go with an 81x/85x config if you could, would sound better and work better prolly.
not a huge fan of the 85's at all
i NEVER use the neck pickups on any of my axes, until i came across the ltd m-1000
they discontinued it, but it had 2 81's in it. it was all balls.
i am building this guitar as a custom and i wanted it to be as ballsy, if not more so, than the ltd. i heard great things about the 81x. but not alot about the 81tw bc its so new, but i thought that would give me the the sound i want, plus more versatiltiy.
ive never done any guitar mods myself. not even pickup swaps. so this is usually the first place i go to bounce my ideas off some more expeirenced heads and get advice