Hey guys, I've noticed one great flaw in my guitar playing recently, that really seems to heckle my sound, I'm wondering if there are any ways or techniques I could use to approach this problem..

Basically, take this simple lick as an example


Imagine the scenario this part of the solo is being played in a bluesy kind of way, with the pick attack being quite strong (SRV kind of style) at about 120bpm, how would I go about making this sound fresh and not muddied by the open sustained "0" notes?

I use both right hand and left hand muting (I'm right handed, so my right hand mutes the bridge of the guitar, and left hand mutes strings on the fretboard), but both options don't seem plausible in this case. If I tried to mute with my right hand, the rest parts of this phrase following would be muted, and I can't seem to find a way of muting them with my left hand.

Can any of you guys suggest a way I could fix this problem in my technique? - I know theres a way to do it, I just need to explained to me, please help guys! - thanks!

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I guess when you play the first on the G... you pull off like normal.
When you go up towards the D string, you rest your finger on the second fret, and your finger can also rest on the G string muting out the 0.
That's one method I can think of.
I not got my guitar handy..
but I THINK that's how I'd do it.
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I would just touch the G string when I moved up to the 2 on the D and so on, and mute the A with my right palm
I tend to use a very light palm-muting technique - not so much that the notes are completely choked out, but enough to make sure that they don't ring out too much. It's all about finding the happy medium
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Yeah, I kind of subconciously mute the open strings when doing pull offs. I don't know how I do it, but it's something along the lines of what Nameless742 said.

It's mostly going to be developing your own technique.
Thank you all so much, your advice is very kind

Don't think of your sister naked.

[You just did]