Here's my cover of Artifacts of The Black Rain by In Flames (on The Jester Race album). Song is on my profile, C4C.
excellent cover. Timing in the harmonies are great and everything is really tight and seamless. I'm a big In Flames fan and am trying to finish up a cover of Zombie inc, just need to finish painting the drum track. Maybe you can check it out once I post it. I'll probably do several of their songs.
Thank you I'm a pretty huge In Flames fan as well, and was thinking about several of their songs, maybe we could do a bunch of collaborations if you're interested, should be fun.
That was sick man, I adore this song and you nailed it perfectly. The only flaw I saw was the drum. Can't hear the cymbals at all and I didn't like the sound of the snare, it doesn't fit the metal genre of In Flames. The kick was amazing though.

Overall, it was a crazy cover, I couldn't have done better 5/5!

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P.S: J'espere voir d'autres covers dememe de In Flames
Enjoyed that cover alot, you nailed it and now you have put me in the mood to do a inflames song haha