Hey everyone, my band wants to do a cover and we are all stuck on picking something, so I thought I'd ask you guys for some help.

We are a metalcore/deathcore band and we play in Drop B, (generic as ****, I know)

But, we are looking for a cover that isn't too new of a song, or overused.

Any suggestions?


Yes, poop.
If you'd be willing to step outside of your metalcore/deathcore boundary, I'd recommend some Machine Head. Halo, maybe?
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Re-write a song that is outside your idiom, preferably a pop song. It's nice to pay tribute to a band that is similar to yours, but it's unwise for a few reasons: 1) If the band is obscure, people will get bored. They want to hear something they recognize. 2) Playing a song note for note like the original gives you no chance to show any creativity. Anybody can learn a song note for note. To re-interpret takes talent (i.e. Tori Amos covering Slayer). 3) Even people who claim to hate pop music will go apeshit for a pop song they recognize. You will have an identity, you will be 'the guy who do the cover of ---------.' And you might say that you don't want to be known for that, but trust me, it's better to have people coming back to your shows because you do a great metalcore cover of Billie Jean, than forgetting about you band and never seeing a show again.