hey there, i was just wondering what a tube screamer is i know that TDWP uses one and i was just wondering what it does. thanks a lot!
i used it a lot with my solid state amp to simulate a tube amp's overdrive. now i use it to push my tubes to get a decent overdrive
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it's an overdrive/distortion pedal by ibanez

This, though many people use it to just round out their sound and add a little extra punch to each note.

That's what I use mine for.
They can be modded, like my keeley one to make them true bypass as well. But they push a tube amp harder to increase attack and as said, add a little extra punch.
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ok so iv started been shredding for a while now. and i was reading other threads and i was wondering, is shredding just playing random notes all over the fret board wherever i want. or am i supposed to shred in some kind of scale??
the tube screamer is one of the most copied overdrive pedals out there. there are tons of variations on the thing, not all made by ibanez. maxon makes some nice ones (they made the originals for ibanez) that are a bit more expensive than the ibanez ones. the digitech bad monkey is a low cost copy that is damn good for the price. there are countless others, but those are some you can look at.

as for what it is used for, it really depends on who is using it. the most popular thing on UG is to turn the drive way down and turn the level way up. done with a tube amp this will push the tubes harder, give a volume increase and add some gain (mostly from the amp). great use for solos so you can stick out a bit more.
a lot of metal guitarists do something similar but leave the pedal on all the time. most modern voiced amps are american voiced, so a bit of a mid scoop is built in. the TS adds mids due to its design, so it evens things out and tightens up the gain.

for people with solid state amps, its a nice pedal for setting the gain up and the level to unity (same volume on and off). gives a decent emulation of tube breakup when used over your clean channel. usually used more for a crunch sound than a full on in your face sound.

i personally like a combination of the ideas. i use mine more like a boost, but use more gain than most people seem to. gives your amp a different character and actually uses some of what the pedal is meant to do (unlike using it as a straight up boost).