So I sold my Triple rectifier and Mesa 4x12 so that I could fund a Mark IV. I'm not sure what I think yet but it is easier to record with this, but I do miss the full sound of the 4x12. I have some pics and clips enjoy and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions on the settings.

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That's badass. Congrats dude! HNAD!
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Nice! Mark IV's are great amps, they just take a bit of tweaking to sound their best. Nowhere near the tweaking of a Recto though

I forget my exact settings from my Mark IV, but I remember that you've got to keep the bass down on the lead channel, like on a Recto...around the 3 or 4 mark.

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Great lead channels on those things. HNAD!
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Fantastic amps, well worth the time you put into e.qing it.
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oooo awesome buy man i love that amp, as far as your personal tone goes i thought your distortion sounded slightly hollow. I would put a tad more gain on it and really open up the volume. You need to let mesas breathe for great distortion.
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wow thats freakin beautiful. HNAD
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Welcome to the world of EQ tweaking.
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Welcome to the world of EQ tweaking.

Pretty much sums up my post