Ive watched a bunch of videos and see all the guitar players soloing with it but i just dont understand how to use it. Ive been playing for about a year now and im decent(i think)but ive only been playing rhythm. People told me this is what you need to learn in order to start playing lead but i just dont know how to put things together and how these guys just play and it comes out sounding amazing. No random notes on the scale. It really sounds like a solo. So can someone help me out.
to be honest the best way to do it is to learn some of your favorite solos. most pentatonic solos use very similar riffs pieced together differently. if you learn a few of the necessities you should be soloing in no time.
its all about playing the notes that sound good to you contained within the scale. take a page from led zepplein and you'll probably understand.
pentatonic works as long as you're in the same key as what you're playing lead over
keep in mind it'll probably sound bluesy
the key is normally the last chord of the song....
so if the last chord is aminor, then play aminor pentatonic over it, and think a little before you play
then just keep practicing
and you don't need to go fast