As the title says. I NEED new guitar. I've been playing about 5 years and still have my first guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul studio. I'm done with it, I hate it, everything is wrong with it. Doesn't like to stay in tune, the bridge seems messed up, cannot get it intonated, everything keeps coming loose (jack, pickup selector, pots), and terrible upper fret access.

I'm looking at two guitars:

Ibanes S670pb

PRS SE Custom 24:
For some reason it's $499 at MF...?

I play 11's, C# standard, and I like to drop the tone string to B sometimes. I would get the Ibanez over it most likely, but the PRS has something I really really want, 24 frets. I'm always up at the 22nd fret wishing I could go just a bit higher.

any help deciding would be appreciated.
That's a hard choice,since they're both nice guitars.I think the Ibanez would be the choice if you use the trem a lot,since its bridge is much better as far as excessive whammy antics go.I also like the finish,body style,and neck of the Ibanez better,but that's because I'm an Ibanez fan.

My best advice would be to just play them man,because it's just too close to decide without trying them.


personally i LOVE ibanez guitars. they stay in tune great, have amazing sound, has AMAZING neck action, and nothing falls apart on them. and i'm talking about one that only cost me about $250. i have never had a prs guitar but that ibanez looks AWESOME! another thing though, that ibanez is floyd rose so if you decide to get it you better know how to take care of a guitar with a floyd rose bridge. it would be MUCH more difficult guitar to own if you change tuning a lot, but if you only kept it in one tuning that thing would NEVER go out of tune. and when you change strings on a floyd rose bridged guitar you can't just pull all of the strings off because the bridge is held up by the tension of the strings, so you would have to replace each string individually and on top of that you would have to adjust the bridge for whatever tuning you play in too. if you wouldn't mind getting around all of those factors of the floyd rose, then i would just go with that ibanez, but if you don't want to deal with all of that (which i personally wouldn't want to) then go with the other one.
Yeah I'm definitely leaning toward the Ibanez, and mostly because of the trem system. It's got a tool built in to adjust intonation, fine tuners, locking nut. I don't even use whammy that much, but it's the whole bridge I like. But I'm sure once I get a whammy bar, I'll be using it all the time.

The PRS really has nothing I want but 24 frets, but I also heard it plays like butter. I just feel like it'll have tuning and intonation problems just like my epi, and with the Ibanezes ZR trem that pretty much completely avoidable. For SOOO long I've dreamed of playing major/minor barre chords up the neck and not getting out of tune because of intonation.
What kind of music do you play? and how often do you drop to B, because with the type of trem on the Ibanez changing tunings is A LOT of work. The PRS would let you change tunings much easier, and I find the SE series to have great quality and they play like butter. I'd look into a non-trem S (non trem ones are called SZs) or RG (which has 24 frets)
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PRS would allow easier tuning, has bright powerful pickups, and a very smooth neck considering it's not a wizard 3. I'd go with the PRS, just to be different and save a few hundred. The PRS is by no means a lousy guitar, just played it today. Responsive, comfy, powerful.
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I don't really need to tune down to B at all... I just have been lately. I play a lot of prog, metal, hardcore, and even some pop rock. I just really like the idea of the trem and locking nut to ensure tuning stability, and the ease of setting up intonation and string tension when chaning gauge on the ZR trem seems really awesome too.

I'd go for an RG, but frankly I'm just not into them. I don't like the looks and I'm not too sure about their trem systems. The ZR trem just seems so perfect to me.

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You're making me want the PRS now, haha.

I really must go to guitar center soon.
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