Hey Bass forum!

I just started playing bass guitar today (I've been playing regular guitar for 3 years, so I'm not totally noobish).

My friend told me a lot of punk bands use picks. I decided to try it out but I'm having trouble figuring out where to rest my picking hand. It all is pretty uncomfortable.

All help is greatly appreciated.

when i play with a pick, i don't really rest it on anything. if anything my little and index finger may sometimes touch the body below the strings.
right before the neck starts. but I mostly pluck
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Personally, I just let my hand float.


But it helps cause i do it with guitar to
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Well, you shouldn't really anchor your hand if using a pick. At least, that's what I've been told.

Agreed. Let your hand float, that should be fairly easy for you since you play guitar.
I'm a plucker, and I rest on like both pickups strings and my neck..
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On playing bass.
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I'm not much of a pick player, but i find if I'm doing simple stuff I lean my hand on the body near the mid postion. You can also float liek people talk about above.

Some people, maybe if you want to clot your bass strings, anchor their hand at the bridge.

And some rest their pinky/ring against the back of the bridge pickup and sort of float it I guess.

Haha, hope that helped.
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i'm a finger man and usually anchor my thumb on the back pickup. if i play with a pick i will usually not anchor at all
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I use a floating hand when Im picking. Just seems more natural for me when playing.
i usually have my hand underneath the pickguard almost pulling up on it on my p bass or resting against the bottom of the bridge pickup on my ltd