Hey guys, I've been battling with this back and forth for while and hoped someone could clear it up for me.
I have an old peavey tracer with a hum sing sing configuration. I took out the old pickups (they were rusted and dying) and put in some blackouts. I have the ahb-2 in the bridge and the as-1? (single coil) in the neck, nothing in the middle. I also put in the emg pa-2 and the emg exg, (gain boost and mid scoop respectively).

Here's the problem I love the sound of each pickup by itself, but I really want some kind of inbetween sound (three way toggle). I love the high gain ridiculous sound of the ahb-2 (booster missing for lower gain) and the single coil on roids (booster ingaged to try and keep up with the ahb-2)

Whenever I put it in the middle I get a pretty decent sound, but it keeps some of the single coil twang, I'd like to get rid of that without letting the ahb-2 do all the work.

any thoughts?
does it have seperate vols ?just turn the neck down a bit, I do this with my Les Paul all the time to get a good range of tones. A lot of guitarists don't play with their guitar's EQ enough imo, sticking to 10 on all of your knobs isn't the way.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.