i posted a comment on a video lesson and i wanted to reword it a little, so i was wondering if i could go back and change it
i've looked, and i can't find any way.
that's probably why there are so many second and third comments by users correcting what they've posted.
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remember UG Community? thought so.
the edit button at the bottom right of your post.

Edit: i just edited

Edit2: woo there it is again

Edit3: i totally didn't read the OP, i feel like an ass. and the answer is no.

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i was wondering if you could edit a comment not a post

no shit, see edit3
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comments aren't editable. not on profiles, blogs, articles, mp3s, tabs, groups, nowhere.

it's a simple structure and format.
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You can ask CCs or Mods to remove your comment.
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Is there any reason comments aren't editable? I've always wondered that.
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