one of my friends asked me to join his band but he said im gunna have to audition first. the problem is that his band heavier than anything ive done b4. he said he'll give me two of the songs he wrote and tell me to play them while records them to hear how it sounds and give it to the other members, im not gunna get the songs till i go there so i cant practice, but is there any tips any1 can give me to not make a fool of myself or anything or wat i should practice. their genre is kinda progressive if that helps

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Sounds like a pretty unprofessional audition. Try to negotiate a fairer one that will show you at your best, rather than at your unprepared worst.
just go in and do what you do. no one really has a chance to prepare, so its not like it would be an unfair competition. seeing how someone hangs in a situation like this is great because it lets you see how well they pick up on new stuff (which is neccesary to get things done quickly).
Request the songs before you audition. To not recieve them before is extremely unfair. Also to not practice with the rest of the band is just silly. That is what you´re auditioning for.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
They don't sound very prepared to be honest.

With most of my old bands they just wanted to see if I could play properly. I just played some licks, scales and chords (well) and they let me in. It's pretty ridiculous that if you mess up something that you might not normally do had you been prepared you won't get accepted.
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Sightreading an original piece is not going to show them how good you are. Talk to them about how you wanna do the audition because they obviously arent sure themselves/
Yeah, man... that's crap. Why in the hell would they not give you songs to learn in advance? That's stupid. I mean... they have them, by all appearances.

Completely unprofessional.

Here's how it *should* work:

Band representative talks to you to determine a good personality/goal-oriented fit. From there, determines that it is actually worthwhile having you out.

Band provides you with three songs to learn and a date/time to learn them by.

You learn songs (or not) in such a way that shows either how well you can nail something note-for-note, or how well you can create a part to go with a song, or how well you do your homework and memorize arrangements, etc. (or not)

You go play those established songs with them. Everybody knows what songs will be played. They know that you are also auditioning them. They'd best not suck too - especially given that they're THEIR songs. You show up prepared and play songs as requested in a way that makes them happy. (or not)

Yer in! (or not)

Really... it's about that simple.

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^the man speaks the truth.

They should give you the music beforehand to see how well you synthesize the material. They should give you a deadline to learn the songs by and then you prepare. You will never (in a normal band situation) show up and do anything unprepared. Bands practice. They hone their craft to the point that they perfect it. Anything less is amateur and should be disregarded immediately. So for them to ask you to show up and learn songs off the cuff and reproduce them is juvenile and a colossal waste of time, and serves to show you that they do not know how to properly prepare their music or understand the meaning and purpose behind meaningful practice time.
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Sounds like a pretty unprofessional audition.

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Completely unprofessional.

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Anything less is amateur and should be disregarded immediately.

He's 15 and joining a friend's band. Of course it's going to be unprofessional.

Anyway, if they're bent on having you learn the music on the spot, you might as well practice by sight reading GuitarPro or Powertab files of songs that you aren't familiar with. Focus on playing the rhythms correctly, and practice anything that's too fast for you slowly with a metronome so you do build up proper speed.
Do ask your friend if he'll be giving you tabs at the audition, or if you'll have to learn it by ear. If you do have to learn by ear, try transcribing some music to prepare yourself.

Be sure to learn something moderately impressive so that you can give them confidence that you are able to learn their music. Choose something at the top of your abilities, but make sure it's in your ability to play cleanly without too many mistakes.

If your friend's band is looking for some virtuoso who can pick up harder songs quickly, they'll probably have trouble unless they already have a bit of a reputation. Just try your best, and even if you can't do what they want you to at the audition, they may lower their standards if they realize it's unrealistic and let you in.
But it's a waste of time. It doesn't show them how good he will be in their band because they're testing a different skill than he will need. They may as well get him to play the recorder for his audition. Any band needs a certain level of professionalism, otherwise its a frustrating waste of time and ability, it doesn't matter how old they are.
But even at 15, if you're half-way serious about it, you want to learn to be professional. That means at least attempting to present yourself as such, and expecting some amount of effort from others.

You have to 'learn' professionalism somehow. That's through a combination of experience, and what others tell you is and is not professional.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

Chris is the king of relating music things to other objects in real life.