I'm looking for a bass amp in the $400 range,
I play an old epiphone not quite sure the model
My band plays music like, The Raconteurs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MUSE, etc.
Preferably a new amp,
and I'll be using it for jamming and hopefully small gigs.
Consider used/second hand.
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Craigslist for sure. Look for brands like acoustic and Gallien-Kruger, Carvin is good too. I dunno, at that price range, used is the way to go, and that way you can definitely try it out before you buy it.
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look used, getting a little more could get you some amps from Peavey, Carvin, Ashdown or Acoustic that would give you all the room you need, with what you have? a passable amp from Ashdown or Acoustic.
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Thanks everyone from what Ive heard and played my favorites are Acoustic, Peavey and Ampeg,
I'll look for some used stuff.
Thanks again.