hey guys.

i want to put pickups with a similar sound to the dave mustaine pickups in my guitar, but no livewires. what pickups with the same kind of sound would you guys recommend? im willing to spend at least £100, and i have a dean vmntx btw.

all help is appreciated!

thanks a lot in advance!

. . .why not the livewires since that is what he uses?
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well, i dont really want to use livewires, as mine are passive, and i want to keep it that way

thanks for the replies!
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A Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, and an SD Jazz in the neck. That's what he used to use, and the Livewires are basically just active versions of these pickups.
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thank you guys for all your help!

and Firewind Raging, is this the pickup youre talking about?


and the line 'excellent cadaver' is from 'sleepwalker' right? \m/
"Oh gawd, the world's going to hell in a handbasket!"
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