hi guys! new polyphonic octave generator day

couldn't be happier, and just $260! shitty pics, but oh well.

Nice. How do you like it? Is it as GREAT for organ-y stuff as it's said (and sounds) to be?
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yess, it's fantastic for the organ sound. the lowpass filter and dry FX buttons in the center are incredibly useful for that kind of thing too.
Sweet! I've been GASing for one of those for so long. Where did you get it for $260?

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does it do violin/cello sounds in addition to organ sounds?

hnpd. thing looks sexy.
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i'll record some clips later tonight showing some of it's sounds. i'm still trying to get a hold on it.
Ohh my god I've wanted one of those for so long :|
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nice,this plus a Lessie speaker = pure win

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I have the micro POG and I love it. Tracks perfectly...100% of the time.


HNPD! I want one of those one day, when I have lots of money to spend. Clips would be nice when you can get them, other than that, enjoy your new pedal!
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nice man HNPD. Big fan of EHX stuff. I was thinking of getting the HOG, how does this compare?
clips will be up soon!

sadly, i have no idea how it compares to a hog.

and no, that's not a mini pt. just a large box i put my amp on
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Tracks perfectly...100% of the time.

How is that a good thing?
Glithchy tracking sound + lots of fuzz+ envelope filter + delay = Pure win

Anyway HNPD
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How is that a good thing?
Glithchy tracking sound + lots of fuzz+ envelope filter + delay = Pure win

Anyway HNPD

HNPD! sounds very interesting!
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