Fine tuners? loosen locking nut and tune down? Any help would be nice

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Their is no quick way. Once you tune the E string down to D it will change the tuning of all the other strings, because of the difference in tension. You will have to re-setup the floyd.
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I have a floyd and i just use the fine tuners to tune the E down to D, and that works pretty well for me, all of the other strings stay in tune, as far as i can tell
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You could buy a D-Tuna
Only works on a non-recessed Floyd. That is, one that isn't floating.
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From my experience the quickest way was to change from the guitar I was playing (Ibanez RG550) to the fixed bridge Gibson Les Paul sitting on the guitar stand behind me. Then back to the Ibanez when it was whammy time again.

It is not an easy task to detune that big a jump with the fine tuners.
Buy a guitar with a flush mounted Floyd, not a floating one, then dropping to D is easy with a D-Tuna. That's why it works on the EVH Wolfgang, cause its got a flush mounted Floyd
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