Hey guys, i just got an electric guitar, and i also bought a micro cube amp.. And i want to get a headset to plug to the micro cube.. so i wont bother my very close neighboor... I want to keep the price under $40 any recommendations??
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Well bro this ones have served me well for about 4 years now.


Can take quite a beating, im soon going to buy a new pair of headies, also looking for something cheap hehe so im getting this which i think is a great upgrade.


Tested them at studio, pretty dam worth it. If you can make the extra bucks, not really that much =D That would set u up for quite the time.
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I just use ordinary headphones... They work just fine.
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I've had several "cheapie" Sony ones that you can get anywhere, work fine for the limited frequency range of a guitar and practice amp. Get the over the ear type tho - I've always gotten the best sound out of those.