Hmmm, I'd guess its a Warwick Rockbass, Warwick's budget line, or a Warwick Basic judging by the price.

EDIT: if your looking for an intermediate level bass, it sounds like a good deal, seeing as how Basics and Rockbass's go for around $700 new, give or take. Personally, I've always been impressed by Warwick's lower end stuff, its not a true blue Warwick (the high end stuff), but they're solid for the price.
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why are the tuning pegs straight out like that?
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^ previous owner's modification?

or its simply a knock off
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I would call the guy and ask for a serial number. Cuz it seems kinda sketchy, but it could potential be decent deal.
Yeah, it says "W brand bass guitar". If it really were a Warwick, I would personally put that in the ad. Either this person doesn't know what a Warwick is, or it isn't a Warwick. Be wary. Try it out, if possible.
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Not a Rockbass either, none of the Corvettes have fret markers on the 'board. The neck pocket looks too long for the bass, how would you reach the 24th fret? I think all MEC pickups have the brand name on the pup, these don't and the headstock is too sharp on the left hand side.

I'm guessing this is Vester copy? They're the only company I know who made copies (I've only seen a Thumb copy though..)
^ the MEC's on Rockbasses do have the logo on the side, and this bass has a different truss rod cover, that lacks the model name like on Warwick/Rockbass.
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