I can play the fade to black intro solo and nothing else matters solo

I'm looking for something around the same a bit easier to get my fingers moving in the higher frets instead of just doing scales over and over.

I wouldn't mind some megadeth or more metallica, but am open to other bands
dont fear the reaper blue oyster cult
if you sweep pick it, it should get you warmed up
although it is kinda a scale
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second solo of crossroads, by cream. the first solo is really fun to play also

the trooper by iron maiden?
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Quote by rushpython
dont fear the reaper blue oyster cult
if you sweep pick it, it should get you warmed up
although it is kinda a scale

LOL aren't all sweep picking based off scales? Just kidding around man

Anyways, being a big Queens of the Stone Age/Josh Homme fan (You probably remember 3's&7's on Guitar Hero 3 or downloaded the track pack for Rock Band if you are into video games and stuff). They are mainly a hard rock group. I would recommend many of their songs since half of them have awesome solos that have that lead guitar feel your talking about in those metallica songs you were talking about. Some of them may have a fast part but nothing you can't handle with a small amount of practice. The top three I think you should look up are:

Song for the Dead: One of their most dirty heavy riff I have heard from them at the start, then a guitar "face-off" that goes back and forth that goes through the verses. Solo is okay and shouldn't be that hard. As a side note; before the song goes back to the heavy riff for the outro, there is a good time frame in which you can do a dive bomb and pull up if you have the guitar with a good tremolo system and pickups. The best song ever if you ask me.

The Bronze Age: It is pretty much a song that has a solo that takes up about 1/3 of the song. You should ace it no problem, even with the small fast part at the end.

Little Sister: One their most well known song. I can do it all myself and the solo that your looking for is at the end. Just be weary of the weird timing just after the first part.

I also think you should look at bands like Clutch, Coheed and Cambria, and early Buckcherry (since back then they sounded more like rock before they turned mainstream). These bands will give you a good base for your solo skills till you feel like you want to move on to something more difficult (just started learning "The Beast and the Harlot" solo from Avenged Sevenfold). Have fun though!