Hey guys,

First post.....I was thinking of getting a new guitar, but since I'm kinda poor, I was thinking of getting a pretty cheap guitar and swapping the pickups (I have a bridge Di-Marzio D-sonic and a neck Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates from a guitar I recently broke, so they're just laying around). I was thinking of getting a low end King-V or something similar and swapping the stock pickups with the ones that I have now...is it worth it?
as long as the guitar's not super cheap, I'd say it's worth it.

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It seems like a good idea, but do you like sitting with V's, thats my only problem with that idea though. Come to think of it, what do you play?
im play a Ibanez SAS32EX, but its my brothers and he's moving out...and since i broke my last one, i'd be pretty much guitar-less lol. the v body i don't think ill mind, i usually play in a classical position anyways and i played my friends gibson v and it felt good