now that the season has come to an end, post your thoughts on the past season or talk about what you think is to come
Pretty damn good season if I say so myself.

I missed most of last season so I came into this one not knowing entirely what was going on (I later caught up thanks to a website that had all the episodes on it).


I don't doubt at all that Jax gets his son back in the first episode of next season. It seemed like a cliffhanger that they can't really go anywhere with, so I'm sure they'll solve it right off the bat.

I bet the main focus next season is on Gemma getting back into Charming. Also, the cop that was consoling Tara at the end kind of left me thinking where they might go with that. Seeing as they put an emphasis on Unser and Gemma's relationship at the end, they very well may look to do the same with Tara and that cop. I'm probably wrong, but it's just a thought.
This season was super good, but it was weird seeing Henry Rollins as a Nazi.
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i agree with you angusismyhero, but i wonder how they will play out jimmy o takin abel next season. i cant believe gemma killed zobelles daughter and stahl framed her for the other murder too... looks to be one hell of a third season. has any one found a release date yet?