Hey guys, quick question. If I put higher gauge strings on my guitar, would it get a more thick warm acoustic-y kind of sound? I've been playing clean more than distorted on my electric lately, and my thin tone really irritates me. I can't buy an acoustic guitar yet, so I need an alternative.
You may like it better, but it won't really get you closer to sounding like an acoustic guitar. If anything, it may take you in the opposite direction, losing more high end delicateness. A lot of the thin tone has to do with the body of an electric - acoustics sound like acoustics because of the complex resonances and such in the open body. I never found a perfect way to get close to a true acoustic sound on an electric - hollowbodys can get you a bit closer. Past that, you're looking at piezo saddles, etc.

I say, good excuse to get an acoustic with a built in preamp!
Thanks dude. Guess I'll wait until Christmas and get an acoustic then. I'll just deal with what I've got for now.
You could look into a Piezo pup for your guitar. But for what they cost you might as well buy an acoustic.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
Trade your guitar and buy a semi-hollow?


You can just play unplugged.
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the boss acoustic pedal is really cool. a few pros use it. check out some demos on youtube. im not a big fan of boss but they do a few things right, and this is one of em.
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