Basically I've noticed myself not knowing what to do lately. I mean, I just find myself hitting random notes and it's bothering me because I could use that time to learn something. So what should I learn? Not song wise but chords, scales, etc. I know Minor and Major chords and the Major scales so I guess I'll learn the Minor scales but what than?
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you might try learning some songs in a genre of music you don't usually go for...

in my case it would be jazz or blues.

you can really learn a lot by leaving your comfort zone.
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Please don't abuse pentatonics... Please...

See if you can learn major and minor patterns up and down the neck, it'll help you a lot in the long run. Also, try learning some simple jazz stuff to get a taste of some more interesting chordal stuff compared to the standard open chords at the first 3 frets.
Work on your technique, write some songs, work on theory, etc.
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Alright guys thanks alot. I'll start checking these things out. I'm also really interested in learning bluesy type music. Is there maybe a set of Chords that would fit in well with blues?

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If you understand teh major scale - so you can construct it in terms of steps, intervals and notes, I'd learn how the natural minor scale is related to the major scale next. When you've got that nailed learn how the pentatonics are related to the major and minor scale.

As far as chords go - I'd learn how to harmonise the major scale by stacking 3rds. That will teach you chord construction, including extended chords, and also how the chords fit into a key. And if you can do it for the Major scale you can use the same method to find the chords for any scale.