I wasn't quite sure which category to choose for this topic but since it includes more general equipment questions I have chosen this one instead of the riffs and recording category. I'm sorry if it's the wrong one.

After about 1,5 years of guitar abstinence to learn playing the piano I would like to continue playing guitar but as I moved into a very small flat, I don't have enough space for an amp that would satisfy my needs and wishes. I also would not be able to use the amp without my neighbours hearing and getting annoyed by it.

This is why I sold all guitar gear except for my guitar and a few cables.

Now I'm looking for a solution as a replacement for a real amp. I'd like to use it solely for practicing (with my pc or directly with my headphones) and recording (which I only have an X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard for at the moment). Since I'm not in a band anymore I don't need any special live gear and only stuff that works for me and the mentioned purposes.

Which would be the best solution for my needs? Unfortunately I don't know much about the currently available multi effects or even recording interfaces as I used to record songs by simply plugging my guitar into the line-in of my computer.

Soundwise I'm playing almost everything but mostly things revolving around rock and metal and also melodic stuff like video game tunes or things from Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and so forth.

A few days ago I tested the Boss ME-70 which was a very satisfying experience as it was easy and intuitive to use and covered most of my tonal needs. Pricewise it also fits into the amount I wanted to spend (290€ which is about 436$). Would this for example be a good solution? With the built-in preamp I can simply connect my headphones to it and start practicing and I guess that I would also be able to record songs with it by simply connecting it to my computer's line-in.

But I think this isn't the perfect solution which is why I would like to gather some suggestions.

Thank you!
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Try out the Line 6 Pods, I personally haven't tried one, but they're supposed to be excellent.
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The Axe-FX looks very nice but is a bit too expensive.

Which one of the many pods would be the most suitable? I'm not sure if the regular pods or the studio (former toneport) are better for my needs.
One of the software modellers? Like Guitar Rig or Peavey ReValver.
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The Axe-FX looks very nice but is a bit too expensive.

Which one of the many pods would be the most suitable? I'm not sure if the regular pods or the studio (former toneport) are better for my needs.

Try looking into the regular desktop models(Bean shaped ones). I think the XT or X3 with the FBV shortboard express should be sufficient.
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I was after the same thing, something that sounds good for quiet practice, and picked up a Boss GT10, liking it really well. Sounds great with headphones and into a mixer/recorder. Others have had mixed luck with it, but they're usually trying to run it direct to an amp or in its loop. It actually seems to be better suited as a DI box.

Add: Its a bit more than your price point ($500ish USD), but you may find a deal.
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Ebay a digitech GNX4 with the MFX Supermodels disk included. Great for practice, it sounds great recorded too. I'm sure for more money there are easier to use recording softwares but the one that comes with the GNX4 gets the job done.
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You want something with amp/cab simulations. I don't think the ME series has that.

It has a preamp with six amp model but unfortunately no audio interface like the Boss GT series.

Thank you for the answers so far.

I will test out some Pods from Line6 and then decide I think.

More suggestions are still always welcome.