I saw a Casio Keyboard at a store with no MIDI I/O ot thru but it did have a USB port.

Can a keyboard with an USB port be used as a MIDI controller?

Can I use with FL studio or Sonar soft synths?

Are there latency issues?
yes u can use it the adapter is like 20 dollars and its just the same as midi
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yes you can. no, there aren't.

my controller doesn't have any midi ports on it, but does everything through my computer wonderfully. it just means all my sounds come from my comp and not through external gear.
it should work just fine, there are some cheap sampling keyboards that have a USB port solely for loading samples and configuration, but those are pretty rare nowadays. Does it have the MIDI symbol on it anywhere? if so then yeah it will work.
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Ooh, I have one of those.

Can't figure it out, though.
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