I've been searching but can't find any guitars with humbucker single single with a soft v neck style except the deluxe strat which is out of my price range. Will I be stuck getting a fat strat and switching the neck out?
A lot of Mexican strats are routed HSH. I want to say that's the default route ... at least it was a couple years ago. I'd say it would be easier to get a strat you like and swap the pup.

Have you played any of the Seymour Duncan rails? They won't give you a real PAF sound if that's what you're after, but they get darn near a high-output humbucker sound.
They don't have a humbucker slot, but you could use a single coil sized one or just get a new pick guard (the body was routed so you could put a humbucker in there.

There were these korean lite ash strats that came with seymour duncan single coils. it had a really nice maple neck with a soft V and it sounded incredible (I can send you some audio clips of me soloing with it if you'd like).

My dad used to have one (although to be honest I played it more than he ever did) He put a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge (we had one lying around). He traded it in towards a Godin with a roland guitar synthesizer pickup built in.

EDIT: They get great reviews on Harmony Central too.

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