Heya dudes and dudettes.

Picked up a late 70's or early 80's Crestline Flying V last year off EBay. Seller claimed that the previous owner rarely played it. Figured it would need some cleanup and a bit of work. The pickup ring screws are rusted and slightly mangled, other mounting screws missing. The screws holding the Strat style six screw tremolo appear to have been screwed in without predrilling as they are at different angles, heads slightly stripped. The tremolo looks like it was a recent replacement as there is no rust or discoloring on the unit. The body is in good condition with a few nicks and dents, but no deep gouges or finish wear.

Pic of original condition before dismantling.

The frets are really worn and nicked in some spots as to snag the strings while bending. Looked into having the neck refretted, but the cost is a bit out of my range. Figured I'd watch EBay and such to find a replacement neck, but these units rarley come up. I live out in the sticks, so finding guitar parts without traveling isn't an easy task. After some research I learned that the Crestline V was apparently made by Hondo. Saw some photos of a Hondo 767 with the same finish as this Crestline. Missed out on an auction for a Hondo neck with the same red finish on the headstock, but did manage to score a Hondo 767 neck with black finish and decent frets for $25. This replacment has some issues with the headstock, a few dents on the backside of the neck and a slightly mangled nut. I will be taking it to my local woodworker for inspection and possible repair. Not sure if the head stock is actually splitting or it's just the finish. Also the neck mounting screw holes are not in the same placement as the original neck.

I have procceded take the guitar apart to clean and replace mounting hardware when the pandoras box opened up. The tone and volume knobs apparently haden't been off in quite a while. I pulled the knobs off and out came the pot shafts! Stuffing them back in didn't work.

The rebuild list:
Take neck to woodguy to check/fix headstock cracks, dowel existing mounting holes, drill new holes.
Solder in new pots.
Have a set of new humbuckers ready to install. I did see a set that has rosewood tops and think that they would really look sharp with the guitar finish.
Chrome pickup rings and screws, gotta match the chrome tremolo.
A new set of chrome tuners, although the original ones are in real good condition.
Clean up or replace the string retainers on the headstock. Of course with shiny chrome ones.
Chrome truss rod cover.
Replace the tremolo coverplate. Chrome of course.
Buff up the body finish.
Replace the pot knobs if I can find can find some chrome ones. Not cheapo plastic, but metal ones.
Might replace the output jack with a strat style jack if there isn't too much body carving to perform.
Strap locks, chrome.
New nut. Wonder if there are any made with a chrome finish?
New set of thin gague strings.
A marble sized black 8ball for the tremolo arm.
Mount an old chevy flag emblem below the tremolo.
Fill tremolo screw holes, redrill and mount tremolo.

Will be a slow rebuild. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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Might also need to see if you can reinstall the tremolo, if the attachment screws are poorly set. Also, of course it's your opinion that counts, but I think that all that new chrome hardware might take away from the guitars awesome old-school heavy rock -look, as even the bright chrome tremolo looks a little out of place on the guitar... anyway, good luck with the project, hopefully you'll get an awesome rock machine in time!

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Had to use pliers to remove two of the tremolo screws as the heads were mangled. Added tremolo remount to the list of things to do.

The^Unforgiven ~ Too much chrome? hmmm. Was going fo an old woody car type look with the chrome. Will consider the leaving the black as it is. (less stuff to purchase)

SovereignReaper ~ I'll forward your suggestion onto the local radio DJ. Don't want to paint a natural wood finish body. Besdies, ya see one black V, then ya've seen'em all.

2006 Epiphone '58 Korina V
2008 Aslin Dane Bohemian
Real Sound Mars Twin Tube Distortion/Overdrive
Crate dxj112 amp
Dunlop HighGain used as expression pedal