Can anyone tell me what Jeff is doing at 2:42?
He sort of shakes his picking hand but not with the whammy bar in it? And it produces a sound that is impossible with the whammy bar.

I've also seen him do it during the intro to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (the Live at Ronnie Scotts version)

Any help appreciated.
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I'm not a guitar expert, but it looked like he was punching the bridge of his guitar swiftly with the palm of his hand. It seems to make sense to me...
He was pushing the bridge down like the whammy bar. You dont need the whammy bar to make that fluttering sound just use your palm to push the bridge down. its the same idea as pulling up on the bar but easier when picking with multi fingers.
Thanks guys, just tried it out and thats what he must be doing.
I now have another technique that i can try and perfect, thanks again.
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
He's actually hitting it to get the fluttery sound, not just pushing on it. Like a quick jab. You can do the same by hitting the whammy bar down quickly when its wound up tight. That one has a bit more power in my opinion.
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